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The Spice of Life: First Night at the New House

May 30th, 2024

She didn't mind that Jack preferred Molly. He'd been fucking Elana's little sister ever since the two were dating, long before they got married and moved into the house they live in today. It all started with sneaking her boyfriend into the house while the folks were out of town. The two sisters shared a bedroom at the time, so it was only natural they'd both vie for his affection. Jack and Elana married fresh out of high school and purchased a house as soon as they could, bringing Molly along as their plus one.

That night was special. It was the first night in their new home, a night they all wanted to remember forever.

Another vault release! This one is some concept art for a script I wrote that lost out on being made into a comic. (Tanta won the popular vote) I included a bottomless and naked version for your viewing pleasure.

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