A recently hired fox faces the challenge of living up to his reputation in the workplace. He's also got the hots for his boss, a ram would rather he cease his usual techniques of persuasion.

Upcoming Schedule

Posting New Stuff
Well... old stuff. I'd like do dedicate time every week to add more art to the "New Art" Collection. Check back here this sunday to see some familiar works added to the collection.
Streaming for Patrons
Planning to stream tanta work this day in the evening, check back the day of for a more updated timeline.

Under Construction!

This place is a work in progress. My goal is to get all the art I've ever made up and ready to view for everyone by the end of the year, including animations.

Later in the year I should have additional features added. You'll be able to drop in on a stream if you have your $6+ tier account linked, and my $12+ tiers will be able to view and download stream recordings. I'd also like to have a polls and comment system for patrons soon after that.

If you see anything that's not working correctly, please reach out and let me know on Discord or Telegram. I'll be adding a chat channel in the Discord specifically for site related discussion too.